Stephen Curry, 스포츠토토nba농구 Rush to the Top

Stephen Curry, 스포츠토토nba농구 Rush to the Top


Boston Celtics (2-2) 스포츠토토nba농구 97-107 Golden State Warriors (2-2)


“Stephen Curry did everything for you tonight.”


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Stephen Curry: 43 points, ten rebounds, four assists, 3 pm, 7

Andrew Wiggins had 17 points and 16 rebounds.

Kevon Rooney 6 points, 11 rebounds




Jason Tatum 23 points, 11 rebounds, six assists, three blocks, 4 pm

Jaylen Brown 21 points, six rebounds

Robert Williams III: 7 points, 12 rebounds, four assists

1st Quarter: 28-27

2nd Quarter: 26-22

3rd Quarter: 24-30

4th Quarter: 19-28

Series stats (West 3 vs. East 2)


1st leg: GSW (loss) 108-120 BOS (win)

Second leg: GSW (win) 107-88 BOS (loss)

Game 3 : BOS (win) 116-100 GSW (loss)

Game 4: BOS (Loss) 97-107 GSW (Win)

Game 5: June 14, 10:10 am (GSW Home)

Game 6: June 17, 10:10 am (BOS Home)

*Game 7 will be conducted if necessary

Golden State defeated Boston in a thrilling comeback victory in Game 4 of the playoffs. 모바일 스포츠토토nba농구

It is a more valuable achievement because it overcame the 4th quarter depression exposed in previous games.

As a result, home advantage has been restored, and Game 5 of the series will be held home after two days of rest.

As you know, the Golden Warriors Corps boasts a 90.9% win rate of 10 wins and one loss in 11 playoff home games this year.

Boston, unlike previous games, exposed a lack of back score. Contributed 3-17 RUNs in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter.

In the case of the accumulated goalscoring margin in the fourth quarter of the first and third games of the series, it reached a whopping +40 points. It was also disappointing that the division could not push the opponent to the brink.

Let’s look at the final results harvested by the teams that took the lead with three wins and one loss on the previous last battlefield.

*¹Of the 36 series in which this situation occurred, 35 series ended with the lead team winning the first four matches, 스포츠토토nba농구 배팅three wins, and one loss. ‘Celtic Pride’ is having difficulty returning because of today’s defeat. It should be noted, however, that neither side has suffered a single loss in a row throughout the playoffs. Golden State showed off their losing streak again tonight, and the turn is now on Boston.

The away team’s first-quarter start was not satisfactory. Golden State manager Steve Kerr’s ambitious starting small lineup combination was creaking.

Perhaps it was due to the modification of the existing starting lineup, the movement itself was twisted, and even the rebounding weakness was exposed.

Fortunately, quick adjustments were made, and an enormous catastrophe was avoided. *²This is a point where we could get a glimpse of the determination and in-game management skills of Director Kerr, who has already entered the ranks of veteran leaders.

The hero who brought a somewhat unfavorable flow to the side instantly is, as always, star Stephen Curry. 스포츠토토사이트 nba농구 In particular, the explosive 3-point line performance heated the Boston home court TD Garden tonight. First, let’s take a look at the series three-point line report.

An average of 12.8 attempts per game, 6.3 successes, and a success rate of 49.0% (!). Even more surprising is that the shooting hand, which has been ignited since the Western Conference playoffs, is still burning on the final battlefield.

Playoffs accumulated 85 3-point shots, with a success rate of 40.7%. Since the volume shooter is also equipped with efficiency, there is no answer from the opponent’s defense point of view.

*¹ Coincidentally, the only team to lose the series in this situation was Golden State in 2016 (vs. CLE 3-1 -> 3 consecutive losses + final runner-up).

*² Steve Kerr is the leader who won the Finals in his managerial debut season (GSW 2015). His final experience amounted to 59 matches, including his active career (27 active games + 32 coaches).

Ruler of the three-point line. Stephen Curry’s PO 3-pointer productivity change


PO: 3PA 9.9 EA 3PM 3.8 EA 3P 38.0% 3PA% 52.1% 3PM%UAST 41.7%

Final : 3PA 12.8ea 3PM 6.3ea 3P 49.0% 3PA% 54.3% 3PM%UAST 64.0%

*3PM%UAST: Occupational share of successful 3-point shots without teammates

All-time single-season PO 3-point shooting rankings


1st place Stephen Curry (21 matches in 2015): 98 (3P 42.2%)

1st place: Klay Thompson (24 games in 2016): 98 (3P 42.4%)

3rd place Stephen Curry (22 games in 2019): 92 (3P 37.7%)

4th place Stephen Curry (20 matches in 2022): 85 pieces (3P 40.7%, ongoing)

5th Stephen Curry (18 matches in 2016): 80 (3P 40.4%)

Let’s review the final performance of ‘Fantasy Star’ in more detail. The percentage of successful 3-point shots without an assist (3PM%UAST) increased significantly compared to the Western Conference playoffs.

Soared by a whopping 22.3% (41.7% -> 64.0%)! This shows that Golden State’s unique motion offense system failed to provide the best shooters of all time with quality open catch & 3-point opportunities. Boston’s high-density switch+recovery defense doesn’t allow for off-ball play-based shooting attempts.

How to deal with the evil Curry?  스포츠토토nba농구 결과 *¹Intuitive on-ball play (pick & roll)-based shotgun, three stores beat the opponent’s defense.

*²Actually, Golden State’s share of pick & roll ball handler plays as a percentage of all play types has increased by 4.0% compared to 2019, the last stage of the dynasty.

This is a possible change in the scoring path because Curry digests his evolved (?) shooting selection. He’s not a half-shooter who only depends on the completeness of the system. It’s easy to say, but no one can imitate the task of changing one’s shooting style in the right place, depending on the environment. It is a selective evolution allowed only to the highest-level shooters of all time.

Not even Curry’s fantastic on-ball play caused the commonly-expressed ball hog problem. Compared to the Western Conference playoffs, attack share (USG%) increased by +3.9%, and possession time per touch decreased by -0.30 seconds (5.06 dribbles -> 4.88 dribbles) compared to the Western Conference playoffs, respectively. The main ball handler+scorer does not procrastinate the possession, and only in the critical situations do the on-ball play-based scoring bursts! Arguably, there has never been a curry-type *³30+ scorer in NBA history. While the scoring volume, efficiency, and attack possession have increased, the ball possession time has decreased. We are still living in the age of Curry.

*¹ Kevon Rooney (Big + Small) and Gary Payton Jr. (Small + Small) provide the on-ball screen required for Stephen Curry’s perimeter pick & roll play.

*² However, Golden State’s pick & roll ball handler play efficiency fell compared to the 2019 Finals. Of course, it’s not Stephen Curry’s problem. Except for Curry and Jordan Poole, no players can adequately use the play. At that time in 2019? Kevin Durant was the primary pick and roll ball handler play card.

*³ Stephen Curry recorded an average of 34.3 points in the first four games of the Finals, and a TS% (True Shooting%) value of 66.4%, an indicator of shooting efficiency adjusted for 3-pointers and free throws. ‘Most Dominant Ever’ Shaquille O’Neill’s 2000 Finals (vs. IND) 6 games scored 38.0 points, TS% 57.6%.

스포츠토토 Boston fourth-quarter dominance

Golden State 2019 vs. 2022 PO Pick & 온라인 스포츠토토 nba농구 Roll Ball Handler Play Production Changes


2019: 10.7% market share 13.1 points eFG% 57.0% PPP 1.10 points

2022: 14.7% market share 15.3 points eFG% 52.6% PPP 0.96 points

*As mentioned in the text, the efficiency decline is not Stephen Curry’s fault.

eFG%: Shooting efficiency value adjusted for 3-point shooting

*PPP: Points Per Possession. Scoring expectations per possession in that play

Stephen Curry’s PO scoring change


안전한 스포츠토토nba농구 Western PO

25.9 points TS% 59.7% USG% 29.7% FGM%UAST 56.6% Own 5.27 seconds per ball touch


31.3 points TS% 66.4% USG% 33.6% FGM%UAST 68.1% Own 4.97 seconds per ball touch

*TS%: True Shooting%. It is a shooting efficiency indicator with corrections applied to 3-point shooting and free throws.

*USG% : Usage Percentage. Attack share when individual players are on the court

*FGM%UAST: Occupational percentage of successful field shots without teammate assists

The away team also showed improved scoring control on the defensive court. In the third game of the series, he dedicated 116 runs to the home team, and 58.3% TS% (True Shooting%), an indicator of shooting efficiency corrected for the opponent’s three-point shot and free throws. In contrast, tonight, only 97 runs and TS% 54.8% were allowed. . *¹In particular, traps placed in the right place showed great power. In the situation where Boston switched to a short dribble forward + three-dimensional pass game instead of a long dribble forward + kick out a pass in the rim direction from Game 3, a bold skip or cross-court pass broke the defensive line of the Golden Warriors Corps.