Find out about mental sports Texas 홀덤사이트

Find out about mental sports Texas 홀덤사이트





I like 홀덤사이트. Poker can be considered gambling, but Texas Hold’em is a widespread mental sport worldwide.


In particular, this webtoon is a work where you can learn about life rather than the stimulating fun of gambling. It gives a glimpse into the protagonist’s choices and judgments and the philosophy underlying them.


When I watched it, I thought that hold’em and investment had something in common, but I believe there are more advantages to investing.​


What they both have in common 홀덤사이트 추천


1. Focus only on what I know. Good fortune and unhappiness are the same things.

Making the best judgment when I use all the information I know entirely is essential. Then, when I return to my choice later, even if the result is not good, if the judgment is correct, it is not wrong.


2. The most dangerous time is when you think you win


3. It’s not about winning a lot; it’s about winning big. It’s not essential to win often. Long tail rule. Even if you lose nine rounds, making a lot of money in one round is essential. You need action and courage to bet a lot when you have a high chance of winning.


4. You don’t make money if you say it’s too good. The chance to make money is slight when everyone thinks it’s good.​
Advantages of Investment1. Individual investors can keep waiting. If you wait for only a good hand in poker, your money will continue to go out as a blind cost. In investing, there is zero chance of losing money on stocks you didn’t buy.


In addition, individual investors have an advantage over other players (institutional investors) because they can control their cash weight.


2. You do not have to fight against the tazzas. In a zero-sum game such as trading, you can make money only if you have the edge over the tazzas. Even high-value growth stocks can lose money if they go wrong. If you are not confident, you can invest in stocks with a margin of safety or stores that institutional investors are not interested in.


3. Long-term upward trend. The stock market has been upward trending for a long time. If unsure, you can make money by buying a passive fund such as an index-tracking ETF. Even as an individual company, there are bound to be many companies that are growing and falling.

The hold’em pub culture is spreading as the COVID-19 distancing has been eased.

WPL, which was able to experience hold’em online, held the first offline competition with KSOP.​

WPL is an original hold’em game that applies international standard hold’em rules and is called next-generation hold’em e-Sports.

The first thing that catches your eye is the prize money! 온라인 홀덤사이트 The total prize money is 265 million won.​

In the meantime, various competitions have been held online/offline, and the prize money has been obtained. Still, it has been a long time since a 200 million-scale competition was held in Korea recently, so users’ expectations and interests are focused.​

The name of the competition is WPL Live Series by KSOP, and as the title suggests, it is an offline hold’em competition sponsored by WPL and organized by KSOP.


If so, what criteria can you use to participate in this competition?


As KSOP is affiliated with 80 casino pubs nationwide, a battle for invitations will be held offline at the designated hold’em pub. WPL, the sponsor, will be allowed to obtain invitations to participate in the competition through the app.​ It’s fun, but WPL is convenient because you can watch real-time games.


Of course, it would be good to watch closely for the next opportunity even if you did not participate in this competition, right?

So let’s look at the online satellite tournaments for invitations to the WPL.


The event started on June 25 and will run until August 11.​It runs up to 4 times daily at 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, and 22:00, and participation registration is possible 24 hours in advance.


Since it is not a real-time ticketing method to participate in the competition, it is convenient to make a reservation.​By classifying each grade, you can obtain a competition seed ticket with gold, silver, and bronze invitation tickets. Invitations can be exchanged on the KSOP website, so WPL, Even if you participate through it, you can officially participate.

Even if you do not participate in the tournament, you can watch the game if you log in to the WPL 캐쉬 홀덤사이트 at the appropriate time.


You can check the results of the previous qualifiers and the members who won the prize money, so you can quickly understand the status of the players, especially if the tournament is currently in progress. You can also watch real-time tables.


​As I am not yet familiar with the rules of hold’em, I plan to take this competition as an opportunity to grasp the flow and challenge myself.


As mentioned earlier, the online qualifier runs until August 11, so there is plenty of time.​The hold’em tournament just started! If it is challenging to watch offline, watch online through WPL, improve your eye and play, and try to win prizes while working as a professional poker player.


It is a game that is currently enjoyed in many countries. It is called mind sports, and anyone can learn it quickly because of the simple rules.


To explain the simple rule, once you are given two cards, five cards are opened in the center, and the player with the highest hand wins by making a total of 7 card combinations.

Then there must be a hold’em genealogy related to victory and defeat? Let’s take a look at it.


There is a rule that the person with the higher number wins in the case of the same combination.


오프 홀덤사이트 What if the first number is the same?


The person with the second highest number wins. As for the card pattern, the English standard space with height is the highest, followed by the heart and then the diamond clip.

In the case of Hold’em genealogy, which I introduce today, you can enjoy the game if you know about ten things.

The higher it is, the less likely it is to come out. So first, it’s like a royal flush and made like 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.


Then a straight flush.


It is a combination of consecutive numbers of the same shape.


Description of Hold’em from 오프홀덤 Hold’em Damoa


The following top hand in the Hold’em genealogy to introduce is four cards. Are you familiar with it?


It means that there are four cards in the same hand. You can think of it as a combination of 3 identical numbers (triple) + 2 identical numbers (one pair). Generally, when one pair comes up, you expect many full houses, but when you do it, the probability is not as high as you think.

If 5 of the exact shapes match regardless of the number arrangement, it is called a flush. And conversely, what if the numbers continue irrespective of the body?


It’s called straight.

오프홀덤 동전방 Do you understand a little bit?


From now on, these are Hold’em genealogies that appear very often.

Triple! If three cards match.


Conversely, it is said to be a girl-to-pair where there are two one-pairs!


Does the other party place a bet if two pairs are open on five shared cards?


What if I keep getting calls?


You have to guess at a triple or whole house.
Lastly, Hold’em Genealogy One Pair.

In the high card, the player with the highest number wins when nothing is hit.
In this case, it is said that it comes out quite unexpectedly.
My hand is not good, but I use a bluffing strategy that looks good.