Should I Buy A Gun Cleaning Kit?

A cleaning kit is always essential to keep you clean and sterile. This doesn’t only apply to living beings but also to the stuff we use. If you a big-time shooting or hunting enthusiast, you have to ensure that your gun works just fine, even after years of use. And this is only possible if you clean and maintain it regularly. you need to be sure of certain things that assure your gun goes on with the look and works like newly bought.

Hence, it is mandatory to keep your firearm clean. Multiple firing can leave your gun with powder residues and other filth and gases in the barrel.  A proper cleaning kit that includes everything you need is a must if you don’t want to buy the cleaning essentials individually. 

The cleaning and maintaining techniques for every gun are different. But, one thing that’s common is that you just need to have a cleaning kit. Most cleaning kits come with all the necessary items that you need to properly clean your gun.  

What Does A Gun Cleaning Kit Include?

A gun cleaning kit includes all the vital ingredients required to clean the different parts of your gun and keep them free from dust build-ups.

It comes in different sizes and includes several items to encourage your cleaning sessions. So, the most basic and common items in a kit are:

●    Lubricating Oil: The oil lubricates the parts of guns for their smooth functioning. Lubricants are essential for guns to reduce resistance, especially in the moving portions. 

●    Solvent: This helps to eliminate all the stains from the firearm. A brush is needed to apply the solvent. Solvents are the fluid used to remove carbon, lead and other pollutants that damage the gun over time. 

●    Cleaning Rod: This tool is used to tidy up the interior of the gun using many attachments. It is available in different sizes for different barrel sizes, calibers, and gauges. 

It is a strong, thin, long, and straight wand made up of metal, tough plastic, or carbon fiber which has one end for gripping and another end for attaching the accessories.

●    Brush and Swabs: A brush has many useful jobs to do, like removing dirt, residues, and fouling in the bore of the barrel. Different types of brushes are used to clean the parts of the gun like bore brushes, double end brushes, cleaning swabs, cleaning patches (cotton or wool mop), bore snake, etc. Each one has individual cleaning features.

●    Safety Gears: Safety gear is a must while cleaning your gun, but store-bought kits may not include this tool. Use safety gloves, proper protection for eyes, cloth, or paper to protect the ground you will work on. 

Before you attempt to clean your gun. You should know how to dissemble it or put it back together to work correctly next time, and no accidents occur. Be sure that you work in a well-ventilated location. 

This is me, Steve Coffman. I'm the Chief Editor of IGFA. I'm retired military personnel who is now into shooting and hunting. As an outdoor expert, I have experience in dealing with all kinds of guns, from light to heavy firearms. Currently, I'm spending my time hunting, shooting and writing on my blog.