Evolution Baccarat Types

Evolution Baccarat Types

Evolution Baccarat


Founded in 2006, the Evolution brand is synonymous with the world’s leading and pioneering online live casino and now represents a new generation of equally innovative and entertaining live gaming shows.


Evolution offers its operators an unrivaled portfolio of historic and unique casino games and live game shows that cater to the needs of multiple international markets.


Today, the Evolution live offering is based on more than 700 live table/game show environments and operates 24/7 in studios across Europe and North America in 15 languages, delivering commercial success for operators and an unparalleled user experience for customers.


Added another innovation here. Evolution First Person RNG-based casino games and gaming show. Offering an advanced immersive virtual gaming experience, First Person games redefine RNG gaming and perfectly complement their live offerings.


With the new and improved Live Baccarat, we take thrill and tension to new heights with a world-class Macau-like gaming experience for all players, from beginners to the most experienced high rollers. Baccarat lovers can enjoy the ultimate in authentic baccarat play.


Choose from Live Baccarat Squeeze, Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, No Commission Baccarat, Speed ​​Baccarat, Lighting Baccarat, VIP, and Salon Prive variants, along with multiple features for all game variants to create the most authentic and thrilling live baccarat online.

Players can stay on top of their game with live betting stats and interactive roads. A large selection of primary and configurable side bets adds extra excitement and betting opportunities. In addition, Baccarat Multiplay allows players to bet on all live baccarat tables at once.


No matter which baccarat table the player chooses, the gameplay is optimized for all devices. As a result, Evolution provides more choice and fun for everyone, from a range of multi-camera live baccarat shared tables to custom branded tables.




Our new and improved live baccarat is so authentic it’s like being next to the table in some of the best casinos in Asia.


There is no surefire way for players to enjoy Asia’s most popular casino table game with the cards on a bean-shaped table.


Additional features include special bets such as fair side betting, additional stats that can be viewed through different roads, and the ability for players to see other players’ moves. This enriches the play experience, providing players with a truly authentic and dynamic gaming experience.




Offering the best VIP live gaming experience online, Salon Privé is an elegant and top-of-the-line VIP environment. Here, the most discerning and high-betting players (subject to minimum funding requirements) will enjoy the best of live games with high maximum bets and improved control at one-on-one single-player private tables.


The enhanced VIP, customer service level, will always have a VIP room manager resident and will include the ability for players to control dealer selection, shuffle and game speed using ‘Spin Now’ and ‘Trade Now’ buttons.


Eleven private tables are available: 1 Salon Privé Live Roulette table, 6 Salon Privé Live Blackjack tables, and 4 Salon Privé Live Baccarat tables, each with a different minimum bet.

multi camera baccarat


A multi-camera setup option adds a dynamic and cinematic quality to the baccarat play at the Licensee’s dedicated table.

A fully customizable variant of this world-class baccarat allows licensees to choose the number of cameras and shooting angles. Much like Roulette’s immersive light option, players are immersed in the game’s drama and tension.


The ever-changing camera views and table close-ups and deals keep everything visually fresh and attractive. Additionally, for licensees with multiple dedicated tables, the camera settings can be configured to further enhance the ‘real casino’ atmosphere by briefly cutting out other tables.

Live Baccarat Squeeze



This is the ultimate multi-camera live baccarat for devotees who love the squeeze ceremony. More than 15 cameras capture every nuance of the game and a series of exciting close-ups of the critical squeezes the dealer performs.


Evolution Baccarat Squeeze maintains the flow of action while providing maximum tension and authenticity by taking online baccarat play to a new level. The dealer quickly reveals the cards of the hand associated with the smaller total bet and squeezes the dealt cards into the writing related to the most significant real chance.

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

In this variant, the player can control the squeeze himself. Cards are processed face down on a glass panel inlay on a custom-made table.


Two cameras integrated under the table instantly deliver a live stream of the actual card side to the player’s screen.


The face of the card is obscured by an optical filter and an overlay mask built into the game UI.


Players click or tap a corner or edge of each card to remove the overlay mask and reveal the card’s values. A truly Macau-like VIP gaming experience that delivers unique thrills squeezed at the player’s fingertips.


Direct interaction with the cards makes this game as exciting as playing baccarat in a real casino. There is also an opportunity for new players to practice squeezing without placing bets.


speed baccarat



Live Speed ​​Baccarat is a super-fast alternative to the traditional baccarat game, and its many variations for players looking for maximum betting opportunities and excitement in their play sessions.

A standard round of baccarat games lasts for 48 seconds, whereas live speed baccarat speeds it up. This is because the cards are face-up, the resulting time is kept to a minimum, and each game round is full of suspense for 27 seconds.



Lightning Baccarat



Evolution Lightning Baccarat is a unique take on the casino classic like the multi-award-winning Lightning Roulette. It is powerful with RNG-based Lightning card multipliers in every game round.


Lightning Baccarat is an exhilarating extended baccarat game that combines the world’s best live baccarat with a chance to win big payouts for your winning hand.

In each game round, 1-5 Lightning cards are randomly generated from a virtual 52-card deck, each with a random payout multiple of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x.


A 20% lightning fee is added to each player’s total bet as there is a huge betting opportunity.

Lightning Baccarat comes in a stunning black and gold Art Deco environment with an attractive user interface.



No commission baccarat



At No Commission Baccarat, there is no 5% commission you pay for your banker’s wins. The exception is when the banker scores 6 points, in which case the player receives half of their original bet or 0.5:1.

Adding extra excitement is the Super six insurance side betting. For example, if a player places this bet and the banker scores 6 points, the dividend is 15:1.


dual play baccarat

Ground-based and online convergence doesn’t get more exciting than this. Dual Play Baccarat uses advanced camera and sound installations to add dual-play capabilities to any Baccarat table in a land-based casino, allowing on-premises seating players and virtually unlimited additional online players to enjoy the same game anywhere in the world, on the same table.


As a result, online players can go straight to the gaming floors of some of the world’s most iconic casinos and play alongside on-premises players in the fastest and smoothest dual-player baccarat solution available.


This makes Dual Play the perfect way to extend your service to the customers at your venue and deliver the unique excitement of the casino and brand to a much larger audience of new players online.