Buyer Guide To 0.224 Valkyrie Barrel

The main reason why so many shooters are moving to .224 Valkyrie barrels is that it improves the shooting game to a great extent. Not only are they customizable, but also extremely easy to install. 

Before we give away all our tips on buying the right Valkyrie barrel, let’s discuss a bit about barrels, why does the length matter, mainly the 224 Valkyrie offerings.

Why Does the Barrel Length Matter?

The simple answer would be that it improves accuracy. What a longer barrel length does is it extends the time the bullet takes to fire before a shot. The chamber pressure inside the barrel gets more time to act on the bullet, thereby increasing the exit velocity and the effective range of the bullet.

It is for the same reason that we say, the longer the barrel, the faster the velocity. So, say you are using a Valkyrie rifle for hunting or home defense; it makes sense to go for a shorter barrel. But if you plan to go for long-range shooting competitions, you definitely need a longer barrel for more accuracy and precision.

Does the Barrel Twist Ratio Affect the Accuracy of A .224 Valkyrie?

So, what is a barrel twist again?

The barrel twist is an extremely important factor to consider, and it represents the revolutions per inch. You will often notice number markings on your gun, like 1/7, 1/8, or even 1:6:5. This refers to the barrel twist ratio.

Say we consider the barrel twist ratio to be 1:8; this means there is one revolution per 8 inches. But what is the purpose of this?

The barrel twist ratio has a lot to do with the accuracy and stability of a round fired. The right twist ratio only makes the shot steadier. Depending on what bullet you intend to shoot, the barrel twist ratio can significantly increase the precision.

Now, finally, moving on to how to choose a .224 Valkyrie barrel?

.224 Valkyrie Barrel – Buyer Guide

Do we really need to stress the importance of what to look for in any product before investing in it? No, right. It’s always better to research a bit on the product so you can finally make an informed buy.

Take a look at the aspects you should consider in a .224 Valkyrie barrel.


It is always better for the amateurs to start with an 18-inch barrel that works pretty well for short-range shooting, like hunting or home defense. But if you are a pro at this and want more accuracy on your target, a 24-inch barrel will work exceptionally well.

As we have mentioned earlier, the length of the barrel is prime when considering accuracy and velocity. The good thing with longer barrels is that you can use them for both short- and longer-range shooting, but a short barrel will not be fruitful for more than 500-600 yards. But, also keep in mind the storage when considering the length of barrels.

Barrel Twist

As you already know, the bullet twists before it finally comes out of the barrel and affects the overall accuracy of your shooting round. So, you should always look for a barrel that has a good twist ratio.

So, what ratio is a good twist ratio?

Here comes the concept of the bullet weight. The weight of a bullet will determine the correct twist ratio for a barrel. A .224 Valkyrie cartridge is about 63 grains in weight, so the ideal twist is 1:7. Remember, the higher the weight, the lesser the barrel twists. 


When it comes to installing a Valkyrie barrel, always remember that it’s never too late to call a professional. Although most of them are pretty easy to install, you can always take professional help if you are not sure of the procedure.


No matter which bullets you use, the barrel has to be sturdy and robust. This is a no-brainer, as you know that the bullet heats up in the barrel and gains its momentum for a shot. You do not want to compromise on the quality here. Always look for titanium or aluminum alloys.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a .224 Valkyrie cartridge even good, or is it just hype?

.224 Valkyrie is a predator-hunting cartridge. It is unbelievably one of the fastest expanding bullets, which delivers an unmatched amount of energy to the game.

Can you shoot 224 Valkyrie in a .223 barrel?

Obviously, the gun barrel is much sturdier than the bullet itself, so a .224 Valkyrie bullet will easily pass a .223 Remington barrel. 

Can you shoot 223 in a 224 Valkyrie barrel?

.223 Remington uses the same .224 diameter bullet, so it can easily pass through a .224 Valkyrie barrel.

What is the difference between a .223 and .224 Valkyrie cartridge?

The main difference is in the weight of the bullet. The .224 Valkyrie is about 60-90 grains, whereas the .223 Valkyrie is 35-80 grains. 

Also, the case length and rim differ for the two, apart from the fact that a .224 Valkyrie maintains a supersonic speed beyond 1300 yards, whereas the .223 does not.

Final Thoughts

The main reason to make .224 Valkyrie was to bridge the gap in the MSR 15 platform. Most of the cartridges like 223, 22 Nosler, 556 can work well for 600 to 700 yards. But it is essential for a bullet to maintain supersonic speed to keep the accuracy and precision in place.

We hope the article was informative. Here are some of the best .224 Valkyrie barrels, the BSF 20″.224 Valkyrie 1:7 Twist, the Radical Firearms – 22″, and the Brownells AR-15 Barrels .224 Valkyrie Stainless Steel.

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