Leatherman Super Tool 300 Review (January 2021)

When planning to venture outdoors, it is important that you pack all the tools that you might need. The dynamic and unpredictable nature of the outdoor environment, however, makes it hard to know which tools you might require while out there. It is important, therefore, to have a multi tool like the Super Tool 300 that we are reviewing today. In this article, we created a Super Tool 300 review, go through the specifications and show you why this multi-tool is a necessity whenever you are planning outdoor events. After going through the article, you will have all the information you need about this useful tool and understand why you should consider including it in your tool collection set at home.

Leatherman Super tool 300 Review

About the Leatherman 300

Leatherman is known for their handy and quality multipurpose tools. The 300 has been on the market for quite some time as an addition to the Leatherman collection and packs nineteen individual tools in a convenient to carry size. The tools retract and revel using a folding mechanism, thus allowing you to select the tool that you want to use at a particular time. Easy handling of the super tool is enabled by the large size handles that have enough space for your hands even when using protective hand gloves. Leatherman provides replacement parts for this particular tool so that you can replace individual parts when you need to. The tool comes either in a shiny silver color or in black.

Tools included in the Supertool 300

Needle nose pliers

The far end of the super tool has an elongated pair of needle nose pliers that are perfect for reaching for small objects in hard to reach places. The narrow edge fits in narrow spaces and leaves enough space to twist and turn while gripping on an object. With this tool in hand, you should have no problem when gripping, cutting, or bending small gauge wires and small objects.

Regular pliers

Behind the needle nose pliers, the multi-tool has regular pliers that are spacious and convenient for when you want to hold and manipulate items. You can use this in the open space to grip, twist, and turn objects that fit in the spacious gripping space of the piers.

Premium replaceable wire cutters

Located behind the regular pliers are two interlocking edges on opposite sides that make up the premium wire cutter that can cut through regular and light gauge wires. The cutting edges are replaceable and fit firmly on the tool, thus enabling you to cut though wires with ease.

Premium replaceable hard-wire cutters

You can fit or remove hard wire cutters from the super 300 with ease. They are ideal for cutting through electrical hard wires.

Stranded-wire cutters

The stranded wire cutters have a tight fit when the tool is closed. They will cut effortlessly through bundled or wrapped small gauge wires without crushing or damaging the wire.

Electrical crimper

The electrical crimper is located at the interior jaw of the super tool where the two handles meet. Use the tool to crimp electrical connectors to the wires by placing the connectors in between the two jaws and closing the handles tightly.

Wire stripper

The wire stripper is located on one of the retractable blades on the lower end where the blade meets the handle. This tool offers impeccable performance in stripping all gauges of wires off their protective cover.

420HC Knife

The regular knife is crafted from strong carbon and stainless steel that is corrosion and rust resistant, which makes it easy to maintain. One straight edge of the knife is sharp and can be sharpened with ease owing to its location on the outer edge of the tool.

420HC Serrated Knife

The serrated knife has a blunt straight edge on one side and a rough edge that is sharp on the opposite side. It makes a useful tool for cutting through rope, tough fiber, or strong fabric that would be hard to cut with the regular blade. The blade is made from corrosion and rust resistant carbon steel to make it easy to clean and maintain.


The saw has one straight edge and an opposite cutting edge that has open teeth. This tool cuts through wood and other tough material quickly and with great ease. Maintenance of the cutting edge is simple because a quick wipe will remove all the clogged chips from in between the saw teeth.

Awl with a thread Loop

Enjoy the convenience of stitching tough or hard materials, such as leather and tough skin, with the awl on this multi-purpose tool because it also has a tread loop. The strong sharp edge efficiently makes perforations on the material and can be twisted to enlarge the holes. The small thread loop allows you to follow through the hole with stitching string, thus making it easy to seal and repair leather materials.

Ruler (9 in | 22 cm)

Measure short distances accurately with a ruler that is calibrated with two units of measurement up to 9 inches and 22 centimeters.

Can Opener

This useful tool makes opening of canned foods and drinks safe and quick.

Bottle Opener

Located on the same blade as the can opener, the bottle opener combines the edge with a hooked shaped edge on the opposite side that you can use to get a grip on a tight fitting bottle cap, and pop it open with minimal effort.

Wood/Metal File

Smoothen out rough edges on wood and metal surfaces with the long and handy metal file that fold into the body of the tool when not in use.

Phillips Screwdriver

Loosen or tighten Philips screws with this tool that fits the star-shaped Philips head screws perfectly.

Large Screwdriver

The large flathead screwdriver tightens and loosens flathead screws that are 7/32″ in size.

Medium Screwdriver

Use the medium screwdriver to tighten or loosen flathead screws that are 5/16″ in size.

Small sized screwdriver

Tightens and loosens flathead screws that are 1/8″ in size.

Product Features and Specifications

Length and weight

All the nineteen tools included in the super tool retract in place when folded, which means you will only need to handle a tool measuring 4.5 inches or 11 centimeters in length. The total weight of the 300 is only 9.6 ounces, which makes it easy and convenient to carry around.

Lock in feature

An all locking feature that firmly locks in place each tool when in use allows the user to safely and effectively use one tool without it folding back. Upon completion of your task, a simple manual maneuver to unlock the tool is all it takes to fold it back into place and select another tool if needed.

Lanyard ring

When folded, the tool has a ring that makes great convenience by allowing a lanyard through to minimize cases of dropping the tool and losing it. This comes in handy, especially when moving around or when working near large water bodies such as lakes.

Pros and Cons of the Leatherman Super tool 300


  • Contains nineteen different tools
  • Some tools and parts are replicable
  • Tools are made of corrosion free material
  • The tools fold and unfold making the super tool portable
  • The tool is covered with a 25-year warranty by the manufacturer


  • Measuring using the calibrated handles requires the tool to be fully opened, which makes it hard to read the measurements accurately
  • The set does not include scissors
  • Lacks insulation on the handles

Clearly, no other tools come close to the Leatherman Super tool 300 when it comes to offering all round convenience in a light and easy to carry packaging. Having nineteen different tools makes this tool an essential product for anyone who loves the outdoors as well as a homeowner who likes doing simple repairs.

Buyer’s Guide Guidelines

You can use the versatile tools that are contained in Leatherman 300 to complete your everyday tasks at home as well as when you take occasional outdoor trips. The convenient lightweight nature of the tool combined with its compact size when all the tools are folded make it easy to carry around discreetly only to be revealed when you want to use it for a job. Using the tools on the super 300 also makes repair and fixing stuff around the home fun.

In the section below, we discuss some of the features that make this a great tool to have both at home and when you want to go outdoors.

Features that make this a great tool to have


All the retractable blades on the super 300 are made of strong and durable carbon steel that is resistant to corrosion and rust. This makes the tool durable and sturdy even with regular use in the outdoor environment. The screwdrivers come in a variety of sizes so that you do not have to strain the smaller screwdrivers by making them handle more than they are built for. Removable and replaceable wire cutters at the mouth of the pliers enable you to replace the parts that may be worn out sooner while leaving the rest of the tool intact. The manufacturers of this product display their confident in the product by covering it with a twenty-five year warranty.

Ease of use

Each of the nineteen tools on the super tool product has its own specific use as indicated in the previous review section. The lock-in feature holds the tool that you are using in place firmly, thus allowing you to exert maximum pressure and effort when utilizing the tool. With this convenient addition, you avoid any cases of the tool accidentally slipping and causing accidents. Changing from one tool to the other is also easy because all you have to do is flip the lock switch, fold away the current tool, unfold the new tool, and lock it in place.


Leatherman’s remarkable design procedures have been able to combine all the tools held in the compact body of the super tool in a light weight of only 9.6 ounces. Carrying this should not be a problem since it fits perfectly in small bags and will not get you tired.


The large and firm to grip handles provide enough space for your hands to get a firm grip on the tool when working with it. Be aware that the handles are meant to be held using protective hand gloves. The folding and unfolding mechanism is smooth and requires little effort. Overtime, however, the movable parts may require lubrication with grease to enable easy and effortless movement.

Options to choose from

Leatherman provides customers with two color options for this product. One is the silver stainless steel tool that has a shiny bright gray color while the other one is black. Both of the tools are made of carbon steel material and offer the same convenience in the folding and unfolding mechanisms.

The tool is sold with an accompanying leather shield. You could also go for the separately sold leather sheath options that you can buy to store your tool. Other accessories that you can buy for the super 300 include replacement kits for the wire cutter tools.

Precautions when using the 300

  • The tools contained in the Multi-tool are sharp and dangerous. Ensure that you keep this tool out of the reach from children to avoid accidents.
  • The small size and lightweight of the tool make it easy to lose while outdoors. To avoid losing it, always use the ring at the end of the tool and securely lock it with a lanyard.
  • The tool is bare metal and is not insulated. As such, always have gloves on your hands when handling the tool to prevent accidental cuts or burns from working on hot items.
  • Use each tool for what it is made for.
  • Observe the limits of each tool, especially the flathead screwdrivers. Smaller screwdrivers can break when pushed too hard. Consider the size of the screw when selecting the screwdriver to use and ensure you have selected the right one.

Frequently asked questions about the 300

Is there a warranty for this product?

Yes, the manufacturer covers this product with a 25 year warranty.

What size is the screwdriver?

There are four screwdrivers included in the tool set. One is a star-shaped Philips screwdriver, which fits Philips screw heads while three are flathead screwdrivers that fit 7/32″, 5/16″, and 1/8″ flathead screws.

Does this item come with a sheath?

Yes, it does. The item is sold with an accompanying leather sheath for storage.

How do you clean the tool?

Cleaning this tool only requires you to wipe it with a damp cloth. Be sure to clean it up right after use to prevent the dirt from sticking on the stainless steel surface.


After our comprehensive Leatherman super tool 300 review, we have reached the conclusion that this tool is worth spending your money on, regardless of whether you will be using it regularly or once in a while. With nineteen tools combined into one durable and easy to use package, acquiring it is sure to save you money as compared to purchasing each tool independently.

The small size when all tools are folded makes it perfect for carrying around because you never know when you might require one of the handy tools. Replaceable parts that are cheap and readily available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website enable you to use this tool for all its usable life by replacing the wire cutter tools that seem to wear off before the other tools. We recommend this tool for all people who love outdoor adventures since it combines aspects of usefulness, durability, portability and affordability.

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