The 10 Best hunting pants (November 2020)

The sticks and brush in the wilderness can be unforgiving to a hunter. While your pair of blue jeans can protect you from the sharp sticks that might injure your skill, the pants are heavy and bulky. Again, these pants absorb water and become even heavier. Granted, you need the best hunting pants to protect you from the dew on the long grass and stick, keep you warm and dry if it rains, and still be light enough so you can walk for long distances.

There are so many types and brands of hunting pants. When shopping, you need to consider level of protection from water and brush, weight, size, and insulation among other factors. Read on to pick the best pants for your next hunting trip.

Our review of the best hunting pants

1. SITKA Gear Coldfront

RATING – *****
PRICE – $$$$

The Coldfront Bib Pants sport a Premium construction for use in all hunting seasons. On the outer side, the pants have a three-layer Gore-Tex softshell, which is highly breathable to wick away sweat and 100 percent waterproof and windproof to keep you dry. It also has a durable water repellant (DWR) finish that resists light showers of rain.

The seat area of the pants features waterproof ripstop nylon so you never get wet if you ever sit on a wet stone or grass. These pants have zippered hip pockets and quiet-snap cargo pockets where you can carry your essentials and small hunting gear. On the sides are three-quarter-way zips that allow for easy ventilation and removal with your boots still on. That’s why this is our premium pick of the best hunting pants list.

• Gore-Tex Softshell
• Open country and lead camo colors
• Durable water repellant finish
• Zippered hip pockets and snap cargo pockets

• Resists light showers of rain
• Highly breathable with added side ventilation
• Protected seat area
• Available in camo colors

• Relatively pricey
• Heavier than other pants in its category
• Lacks knee pads


RATING – *****
PRICE – $$

The G3 is in a series of pants from IDOGEAR designed for rugged use in the wilderness. This pair features 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester, making it soft, durable, and warm. IDOGEAR further adds a 4-way stretch ripstop clothing for comfort when you are walking and a Teflon coating for waterproofness. Around the knee, hip, and crotch, the pants feature extra stretchy fabric, making it comfortable when you are climbing and walking in long strides.

These G3 combat pants have a military design to withstand harsh conditions in the wilderness. Their removable knee pads are height adjustable and you also get elbow pads with the purchase of these pants. You can adjust the size of your pants from the back, ankle, and knee positions.

As hunting pants, G3 features ten different size pockets (some zippered) to hold your small hunting gear and your essentials. That’s why this is our best choice of the best hunting pants list.

• Ten pockets
• Cotton and polyester construction
• 4-way stretch
• Comes with removable knee and elbow pads

• Size adjustable from three places
• Stretchable material for added comfort
• Highly durable
• Zippered pockets to hold your essentials

• Size runs small
• Low waist profile might feel uncomfortable for some users
• It takes relatively longer to dry thanks to cotton material

3. Taclite Pro 74273

RATING – *****

Made of 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester, the Taclite Pro offers a great balance between durability, protection, and lightweight. It also features a stretchable Taclite ripstop fabric that adds to the durability and comfort of the pants. With its triple-stitching, the pants will withstand any harsh conditions in the wilderness. On the outer shell, the pants feature a Teflon protective coating that resists light showers of rain and moisture, stains, oil, and soil. This coating does not interfere with the breathability of the pants. It makes the pants easy to clean.

With the fully gusseted construction of these pants, you get maximum flexibility and comfort with no chance of rips and tears. Each pair has eight pockets, some zippered, to hold your gear.

• Eight pockets
• Polyester and cotton construction
• Fully gusseted construction
• Teflon coating for weatherproofing

• Highly breathable
• Lightweight construction
• Ample storage for gear and essentials
• Highly flexible for added comfort
• Resistant to stains, oil, and moisture

• Relatively less durable
• Less breathable and feel hot during hot weather
• Color fades with time

4. SEAK Stormtight Pant

RATING – *****
PRICE – $$$$

The Stormtight pants get its name from its ability to withstand continuous precipitation. SEAK created the pants from feedback from blacktail guides and Pacific bears and inspired by fishing dry suits. You can wear the pants alone for your hunting trip or as an outer layer for the insulation base layers.

The layers are relatively thick to offer protection from harsh conditions in the wilderness. On the outer side is a laminate that enhances the breathability of the pants to help wick moisture away. If you need more ventilation, the pants have full zippered legs that also make them easy for you to remove. On the pants are roll-top dry pockets that hold your gadgets to keep them safe. If you are hunting in a wet climate, the Stormtight might be the tights you need.

• Active particle technology to improve breathability
• Full side zips for venting and easy removal
• Rainproof construction for extreme weather

• Highly breathable
• Resists continuous precipitation
• Tough to last long
• Easy to take off

• Relatively heavy
• Relatively pricey
• The side zips feel weak after a couple of uses

5. SITKA Gear Timberline

RATING – *****
PRICE – $$$

The Timberline sports reinforced knees and seat. These two sections feature a waterproof ripstop nylon that keeps you protected from water. You can relax and rocks during your hunt without getting wet. Better yet, the pants have removable knee pads that you can adjust up or down to meet your needs. The knee pads are ideal when you have to kneel to target your prey.

Each pair sports an articulated patterning with an athletic fit. The tapered legs and the low-profile waist maintain the sturdiness of the pants even when you carry gear in your pockets. These pants resist light precipitation for hunters who go out during wet weather. Its shell features a 4-stretch woven polyester fabric that does not restrict your movement.

The pants are available in three designs to withstand different conditions in the wilderness; subalpine, open country, and pyrite.

• 4-way stretch polyester fabric
• Waterproofed with nylon ripstop material
• Reinforced knees and seat areas
• Durable water repellant (DWR) construction
• Comes with removable knee pads

• Resists light precipitation
• Highly breathable to wick away sweat
• Rugged construction to withstand the wilderness
• Performance fit to never restrict your movement

• Size runs big
• Relatively heavy
• Takes relatively long to dry after washing

6. SITKA Gear Ascent Softshell

RATING – *****
PRICE – $$$

Like the Timberline Pants above, the Gear Ascent Softshell comes in three different styles; pyrite, open country, and subalpine. Subalpine pants are ideal when you hunt in areas where the bushes at the ground level are harsh while open country is ideal for engagement ranges of at least 50 yards. The pyrite is a versatile pair of pants.

SITKA uses polygiene technology that safely neutralizes odors using silver salts. This way, the prey will never sense you approaching. Its shell features a 4-way stretch ultra-breathable brushed nylon that keeps you cool when the sun is very hot. All pockets on the pants are made of mesh for added ventilation. There are also meshed knee pad pockets that protect your knee even more. The pants feature articulated patterning that delivers a max range of motion; it moves with you without restricting movement.

• Polygiene odor control
• Meshed pockets that add breathability
• 4-way stretch nylon fabric
• Articulated patterning for enhanced motion

• Highly breathable to keep you cool
• Does not restrict motion
• Has a protective knee pad pocket
• Neutralizes odors, allowing you to go for the kill stealthily

• Slightly tight around the waist and inseam – order a bigger size
• Lacks an insulation layer
• Colors fade with use

7. First Lite Corrugated Guide

RATING – *****
PRICE – $$$

The Corrugated Guide sports a made-to-fit sizing so you never have to buy a size bigger or smaller. Whether you need to wear it alone, over, or under other layers, the normal size will succinctly fit you. It features stretchable nylon construction that does not restrict you while you move. Further, it has a built-in stretch that allows a full range of motion.

First Lite added a durable water repellant (DWR) finish that makes it resist light showers of precipitation. On the pants are 3D cargo pockets to hold your essentials and a small hunting gear. At the waist, the unit has belt and suspender loops in case you need a tighter fit. You can chose from a collection of six colors including ash gray, dry earth, conifer, First Lite Fusion, First Lite Cipher, and Camo.

• Range of six colors
• 3-D Cargo pockets to provide enough storage
• DWR construction
• Belt and suspender loops on waist
• Stretchable nylon construction

• Breathable to wick away sweat
• Stretches a lot to ensure it does not restrict movement
• Resists light precipitation
• Made to fit

• Relatively less durable
• Lacks insulation layer
• No protection for knees and seat area

8. First Lite Obsidian

RATING – ****
PRICE – $$

The First Lite Obsidian Merino pants offer the best value for hunters. These pants feature merino-nylon fabric in ripstop construction making it strong. First Lite further uses merino technology to ensure there are no odors that might make the prey spot you from far. It is easy to dry the merino wool nylon and unlike other types of wool-based apparel, this does not shrink or stretch out of shape.

Merino wool layers are soft on your skin and warm. The material is able to absorb more than 30 percent of its weight in moisture to keep you cool. Because it is breathable, the moisture does not stay on the material but is passed out and released into the air. On the waist, the pants have belt and suspender loops – the suspenders are part of the package. The pants can resist light precipitation and they stay warm whether wet or dry. That’s why this is our best value choice of the best hunting pants list.

• Made of merino wool nylon
• Built-in stretch
• Articulated fit
• Breathable construction
• Naturally eliminates odor
• Belt and suspender loops

• Available in a range of six colors
• Suspenders included in the package
• Lightweight construction
• Stays warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather

• Takes relatively long to dry
• Does not withstand frequent washing
• Few pockets

9. Under Armour Stealth Reaper

RATING – *****
PRICE – $$$

Under Armour is a company that designs gear for the active person. Its Stealth Reaper Pants feature a blend or 82 percent acrylic, 13 percent wool, and 5 percent Elastarell P. This combination gives the pants the best of all worlds. It is available in three camo colors to match the wilderness you will be hunting. Each pair features Under Armour’s storm technology to repel water while still maintaining breathability at all times. The material is also windproof so you can use it during a storm.

The wool in these pants adds a layer of insulation that makes the pants warm when used during a storm or cold weather. It also adds to the breathability of the pants, allowing them to wick away sweat to prevent a soggy feeling. The construction is quiet and helps you stealthily approach your prey.

• Made of a blend of acrylic, wool, and Elastarell P
• Storm technology to repel water
• Bonded stretch wool insulation
• Zippered cargo pockets, two side pockets and a back pocket

• Highly stretchable not to restrict movement
• Repels water and elements
• Quiet construction
• Insulated to keep you warm

• Relatively less breathable
• Comes in tight fit (though stretchable)
• Relatively heavy

10. Kryptek Stalker Camo

RATING – ****
PRICE – $$

The Kryptek Stalker Camo might be the ultimate rugged camo hunting pants for use in the wilderness. It is a stealthy pair of pants with a 3D appearance on its 2D surface. Kryptek uses micro and macro layering with laser retinal tracking to make the pants hard to track. According to Kryptek, even the Department of Defense approved the camo quality of the Stalker Camo pants. You can choose from four camo patterns; mandrake, highlander, raid, and Typhon.

These fitting utility cargo pants come with easy-to-access and large enough to carry your small hunting gear. The pants are lightweight, durable, and perform even in harsh conditions in the wilderness. At the knees and seat areas, the pants have a layer of reinforcement that protects you when you sit on stones and wet surfaces and when you kneel to target your prey.

• Advanced camo patterns
• Available in four camo patterns
• Large and accessible cargo pockets
• Cotton and polyester blend

• Soft on your skin and warm during cold weather
• Stealthy thanks to the camo patterns
• Large pockets for small hunting gear
• Stretches to allow full range of motion

• Heavy construction
• Relatively less durable
• Takes longer to dry

Hunting pants buyer’s guide

Many features define a good pair of hunting pants. Today, most manufacturers focus on creating versatile pair of pants to use in all seasons. Some of the features that might be unique to some pants include odor-blocking, advanced camo patterns, size adjustability at the waist, knees, and hem, impregnation, quiet construction, and many pockets to hold your gear. When shopping, some of the factors that come in handy include where you will be hunting (and the season), your size, the comfort you need, and your preferences. These factors are as follows:


Hunting pants can either be for winter, summer, or demi-season.

Winter hunting pants feature a layer of insulation that keeps you warm regardless of the weather outside. Most of these pants are large enough so you can wear then over an underlay. These pants also have a waterproofing coating (GoreTex or any other) to resist light precipitation. It is also common to see reinforced knee and seat areas to further protect you in case you sit in wet surfaces.

Sumer hunting pants focus more on breathability and keeping you cool and dry while the sun shines above. Most of them lack an insulation layer, they are made of a breathable material, they may have side zips for venting, and they have mesh pockets. All these features facilitate airflow to wick away sweat and keep you cool and dry.

Demi-season pants come in handy for winter and summer use. These pants offer a perfect balance between warmth and breathability. They are heavy with an insulation layer, but they may also have venting zips and mesh pockets.


Whether you are buying pants for summer or winter, you need to ensure they are waterproof. A waterproof pair of pants protect you from the dew on the grass, and light showers of rain. On most pants, you will find that the knee and seat area has an extra layer of waterproof material to protect you further when you sit and kneel.

Different manufacturers add different waterproofing layers to ensure waterproofing. The membrane might be GoreTex or any other.


You need warmth when you head out in the morning and during cold weather. If you only hunt in summer, warmth is not a priority. If you go hunting in winter, a warm pant comes in handy. If you hunt all seasons, consider the demi-season pants explained above.


There are many factors that determine the comfort of hunting pants. One of them is size. You need to pick the right size – not too tight and not too loose. Study the sizing chart carefully to pick the right size and avoid pants that do not fit you. You can also pick adjustable pants. These come with Velcro around the waist, at the hem, and at the knee. Adjustability gives you a perfect fit.

If you are not sure whether the pants will fit perfectly, pick one with belts and suspender loops so you can use a belt if the pants do not fit well.

Another factor that determines comfort is softness of the material. Cotton and wool are soft but they might absorb water. When these two materials blend with other materials, they make pants soft. Other factors such as breathability and waterproofing also keep you comfortable as explained above.


When hunting, you will have a lot of gear starting with your hunting bow and quiver with arrow, or your rifle. You might also drag your kill in your back, which adds to the weight of the package you carry. Granted, you need to reduce the weight of the pants, and any other gear, to a minimum. Even a few ounces matter. However, do not compromise on the quality of the pants when shopping.


If you are looking for a pair of the best hunting pants that balances quality, price, and functionality, the IDOGEAR G3 might be the best choice for you. The pants sport a polyester and cotton construction, making it durable and soft to your skin. It has 10 pockets, large enough to hold your gear. The tight fit not only looks stylish, but is also stretchable to allow full range of motion.

If your budget allows, the SITKA Gear Coldfront is the most ideal for all seasons. It sports a rugged construction to withstand the harsh weather in winter. On the sides, the pants unzip three-quarter way for venting and to keep your cool and allow sweat to escape during summer. Although they come at a premium price, they offer great functionality for all seasons’ use.

Hunters on a budget can go for the First Lite Obsidian, which offers great value for hunters without compromising on quality. The pants are unique for their merino wool construction, which makes them very soft and comfortable, allows them to block odor, makes them long lasting, and easy to care for. Although they feature wool construction, they will never shrink or stretch out of shape, thanks to the advanced construction.

Whichever pants you pick above, we are sure you will get great value.

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