The Best Hunting Spots In Oregon

For many, hunting is not just a way to get away from work, but it’s also a way to feel connected to nature in a more profound way. 

Maybe you feel the same way, and hunting is not just a hobby for you – it’s a lifestyle.

Hunters spend up to two months out of the year (and sometimes more) hunting. Finding the right spots is critical to make the most of that time.

In this post, I’ll highlight the best hunting spots in Oregon to make things easier for you.

The 5 Best Hunting Spots In Oregon

#1 High Country (Mule Deer)

The high country is my top recommendation if you’re looking to have a good time hunting in Oregon.

The location is beautiful, and hunting here is an excellent way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Since the location is high in the Cascade Range, you’ll find nothing but incredible views in every direction you look. You’ll be far, far away from the noises of the city and the stresses of work.

Plus, you get to hunt deer and fill your freezer with free-range meat you procured yourself!

One of the biggest advantages of hunting here is that high-country mule deer are typically out in the open.

It’s also worth mentioning that the timbered areas a lot less dense than they are in other parts of the country. Hunting deer will be a lot easier, making it an excellent spot for new and veteran hunters alike.

While it is one of the best hunting places Oregon, you will need to follow the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s preference point draw system.

You won’t be able to hunt regularly in the same area – but there’s plenty of deer, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

#2 Northeast Oregon (Bear)

If you take big game hunting very seriously, northeast Oregon is the spot to visit in the Spring.

The gorgeous-yet-humbling sights of eastern Oregon are super refreshing, and coming here can be an excellent way to retreat from the troubles of daily life for a while.

What makes it my second recommendation is the atmosphere in the location during the Spring. The snow on the mountaintops melts during the Spring, which makes hunting there a lot more exciting.

Spring is the hunting season since the bears come out of hibernation at this time.

The state is home to over 40,000 black bears. However, if you scout the right spots, you’ll be able to find albino, cinnamon, and brown bears too.

Finding bears is a lot easier than you’d think. All you need to do is hike a little below the ridgelines facing the sun. 

Find a vantage point and get comfortable. Use your binoculars to look for moving dark entities. Also, be on the lookout for dark objects that look out of place. 

The best spots to hunt bears are Baker and Union counties. You can also go to the Umatilla and Wallowa counties to hunt bear. April-May is the best time for bear hunting.

You must remember that you need to have an Oregon Hunting License and a Spring Bear Tag if you want to hunt bear in Oregon.

However, you must check and make sure that the bear does not have any cubs.

It’s illegal to kill a bear that has cubs that aren’t at least a year old. It’s also unlawful to kill more than one bear.

If you’re not sure if the bear has cubs, take note of its path and try to get closer. 

But make sure you keep the wind in your face since bears have an excellent sense of smell and can detect your presence easily.

#3 Willamette Valley (Turkey)

If you want to take your mind off things hunting some Turkey, Willamette Valley is the best place to go.

Farmers and landowners in the area regard Turkeys as pests since they damage both crops and buildings.

While you’d think you could use this to your advantage, the ODFW restricts hunters to hunting only one Turkey per season. 

However, you’re allowed to hunt both male and female Turkey, and there are no restrictions on hunting Turkey like there are for hunting bears.

The Spring is the Turkey season, and you can typically find Turkey in agricultural fields. Keeping in mind that Turkeys tend to live around fields with timbered edges can help you narrow down your scouting locations.

Make sure that you knock on the landowner’s door and ask for permission to hunt before you get to hunting.

If you don’t want to visit private properties, you may have some luck if you visit the woods early in the morning and use a crow call to track Turkey.

Make sure you conceal yourself well, too, since Turkeys have sharp eyes.

#4 Coast Range (Blacktail Deer)

The hunting season for Blacktail Deer is the fall – between October and November.

Heavy rain and wind are characteristic of Coast Range in the fall, which, coupled with the bright colors of the season, give the Coast Range a magical feel. It’s undoubtedly one of the best hunting places Oregon.

While you will undoubtedly find the beauty of the place pacifying, the weather conditions make hunting the blacktail deer very challenging.

Matured blacktail deer tend to be nocturnal, and heavy rain and wind can make hunting a nightmare.

Considering taking a mentor with your at least the first few times you go.

Also, remember that you’re only allowed to hunt one buck per season. 

#5 Willamette Valley (Waterfowl)

Willamette Valley is certainly one of the most beautiful spots of the state. It makes it to the list for the second time owing to its high population of waterfowl.

During the fall and the winter, the location is home to thousands of these birds. You’ll be able to hunt with little effort, and it’s an excellent spot for a weekend retreat.

You can visit anytime between September and March. However, you must remember to adhere to the legal hunting limits. You can only hunt seven ducks and four Canadian geese per day.

This is me, Steve Coffman. I'm the Chief Editor of IGFA. I'm retired military personnel who is now into shooting and hunting. As an outdoor expert, I have experience in dealing with all kinds of guns, from light to heavy firearms. Currently, I'm spending my time hunting, shooting and writing on my blog.